Nubuwwah Conference Program – Sunday, 7th June 2015

  • The Program Line up for the Nabuwwah Conference to be held onSunday, 7th June 2015 will be as follows:
    • 8:30 am:   Opening with tea and snacks
    • 8:45 am:   Sheikh Nur Muhammed – Free will and destiny (finishing up the last conference’s topic)
    • 9:40 am:   Ustadh Ghalib Tamim – Presenting his paper on Prophethood and interfaith
    • 10:00 am: Dr. Kahumbi Maina – Presenting his paper on Prophethood and interfaith
    • 10:20 am: Reverend Alex Njukia – Presenting his paper on Prophethood and interfaith
    • 10:40 am: Sheikh Nur Mohammed – Presenting his paper on Prophethood and interfaith
    • 11:00 am: Group Activity on Prophethood
    • 11:30 am: Sheikh Nur Mohammed – Detailed presentation on logical proofs of Nubuwwah
    • 12:30 pm: Vote of thanks
    • 12:40 pm: Salaat
    • 1:30 pm: Sumptuous Lunch

For more information on the conference please click on the below link
Nubuwwah Conference

Arrangements have been made for children under the age of 10 years in the Upstairs Imambargha (Children under 3 years will have to be accompanied by their parents)

  • Transport will be available:
    • One bus will leave Park road for JIC at 8:00 am via Kariokor

SAAJ Secretariat 

Thursday Program – Barmasik Majlis – 4th June 2015

There will be a Iftaar Niaz followed by Ladies & Gents Barmasik (1 Year) Majlis for the Isaale thawaab of Marhuma Muskaan Fatema Noorani


  • Day/Date:
    • Thursday, 4th June 2015
  • Venue:
    • JIC Lavington, Nairobi
  • Time:
    • After Maghribayn (Maghrib Namaaz 6:47 pm)
  • Program:
    • 7:10 pm Iftaar Niaz
    • 7:50 pm Sure Yasin by Br. Zuhair Jaffer
    • 8:05 pm Dua e Kumayl bySheikh Dhikrullah
    • 8:25 pm Lecture by Sheikh Nur
    • 9:00 pm Ziyarat e Waritha by Br.Amirali Rashid

Transport will be available:

  • One bus will leave Park road at 6:00 pm for JIC via & Kariokor.


SAAJ Secretariat

Shabe Ba’raat & Wiladat of Imam e Zamana (atf) – Tuesday, 2nd June 2015

Salaam Alaykum.

There will be A’amals & Maulud for both Ladies & Gents in celebration of the Wiladat of our 12th Imam – Imam Zamana (atf) followed by Walima Niaz of Hashim son of Mr & Mrs Tanvir Alam Khan.


  • Day / Date:
    • Tuesday, 2nd June 2015 (15th Shabaan 1435)
  • Venue:
    • J.I.C Lavington
  • Time:
    • 7:40 pm (Maghrib Namaaz 6:45pm)
  • Program:
    • 7:30 pm – Dua e Tawassul by Br.Ali Salman Khimji
    • 7:40 pm – Dua e Kumayl by Br. Imran Jaffer
    • 8:00 pm – Merits of tonight’s A’amals by Sheikh Nur
    • 8:05 pm – Sura e Yasin by Br. Irfan Nanji
    • 8:20 pm – Sura e Yasin by Br. Abbas Shivji
    • 8:35 pm – Sura e Yasin by Br. Jamil Chagpar
    • 8:50 pm – Duas & A’amals by Sheikh Nur
    • 9:50 pm – Manqabat by Br.Tahssin Khatau
    • 10:00 pm – Lecture by Sheikh Nur
    • 10:15 pm – Ziyarat e Waritha by Br.Fazleabbas Chandoo
    • 10:25 pm – Sehri (Walima) Niaz

It is highly recommended to take Mustahab Ghusl at Sunset
Note: Before the A’amal , kindly recite 2 rakaat Namaaz after Isha
The Mustahab Namaz to be recited as follows:

  • 1st rakaat, Sura Alhamd then Sura e Kafiroon once.
  • 2nd rakaat, Sura Alhamd then Sura Ikhlas once.
  • After Namaz recite Tasbih e Bibi Zahra (ahs) once.

Transport will be available:

  • One bus will leave Park road at 7:15 pm for JIC via Kariokor


SAAJ Secretariat

Madrasah End Year Exams, 5th & 6th June 2015

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27th May 2015

Dear Parents,

Salaam Alaikum

The Madrasah is almost at the end of its academic year. We will be having our End Year Exams on the 5th & 6th of June 2015.

Kindly find the Exam timetable and the link to a ‘guideline’ of the exam topics below. All students have been provided with a copy of the same.

End Year Examination Topics

The Exam will be conducted as follows:

Friday, 5th June 2015            –  Fiqh                       7:30 – 8:15 pm
Saturday, 6th June 2015        – Qur’an & Morals     5:30 – 5:15 pm
Saturday, 6th June 2015        – Tarikh                     7:30 – 8:15 pm

Exams will be for Class 4 – Graduation only.

There will be No Qur’an reading classes on Saturday, 6th June 2015 due to the End Year Examinations.

Early Years (Class KG -3) will continue as usual on Saturday, 6th June 2015.

The Review of the marked examination papers will be conducted on Friday, 13th June& Saturday, 14th June 2015. Students who remain absent will not be allowed a chance to check their papers later on for any errors.

The Prophet (pbuh) said:
‘When death comes to the seeker of knowledge whilst he is in that state [of seeking knowledge], he dies as a martyr’.

Al-Targhib Wa Al-Tarhib, V. 1, P. 97, No. 16


Shyda .M. Khimji

Administrator – HMN

Mahe Ramadhan 1436 Iftaar / Sehri Schedule


Salaam Alaykum,

Please find below  Iftar / Sehri Schedule for the month of Ramadhan 1436.

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All those wishing to contribute for the remaining slots, can give their donations in the Jamaat Office or contact the Niaz convener, Mohamedali Khimji on 0733 519091.

SAAJ Secretariat