Madrasah Newsbits – Reopening Reminder, Friday 9th January 2015


9th January 2015

Dear Parents,

Salaam Alaikum & Khushali Mubarak!

The Madrasah will resume tonight,Friday, 9th January 2015 with Maghribayn prayers at 7:00 pm.

Kindly note the dates for the Mid Year Examination & Assessments.

1. Mid Year written Exams for Class 4 – 12: Friday, 23rd & Saturday, 24th January 2015.

2. Mid Year Sura Memorization for Class 4 – 12: Saturday, 7th February 2015

3. Qur’an & Morals project for Class 4 -12: Each class has a different deadline according to the project  guidelines allotted. Kindly refer to the hand outs given.

A guideline of the Exam topics and suras to be memorized can be found in the links below. Each student has been provided with the same.

Sura Memorization List

Mid Year Exam Topics

A polite request to all those parents who have not yet cleared the fees for this academic year, Shawwal 1435 – Shabaan 1436 [Sept 2014 – June 2015] to kindly do so at their earliest.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) has said: “Recite the Qur’an in such a way that your hearts develop a love for it and your skin becomes softened by it. However as soon as your hearts become indifferent to it (meaning that the Qur’an has no effect on You), then stop reciting it.”

– Mustadrakul Wasa’il, Volume 4, Page 239


Administrator – HMN